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MPI LOGO 256- 2018 - SPYDIVA If you have been searching for an investigative firm that is creative and innovative, yet works within the realm of the law, then you have come to the right place! Established in 1971, we are the oldest investigative firm in Alabama and are comprised of mainly women – in fact 70% of our workforce are women! We have an anonymity that automatically cloaks us in the field!
Over the years, the topics described below seem to be the ones people ask the most questions about. So, here goes… if you have further questions, just give us a call or stop in and see us – 906 N. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL –  256-533-9923 . [And, yes, we have relationships with attorneys that we have done business with for years, so no worries if you need a referral for a “Pit Bull” attorney!]


Our Services

  • Alimony Investigations +

    Is your ex-spouse cohabitating with someone but still receiving alimony? You may be entitled to stop alimony payments if you can prove this. If in doubt, we’ll find out!
  • Background Investigations / Premarital Investigations +

    Think about this… You meet someone at a mutual friend’s party, think he or she is “the one,” but knowing how people today put up all sorts of fronts to try to “hook the big fish” they perceive as their meal ticket, you really need to “check them out.” Or, there may be a situation that somebody new has come into your mother’s life, father’s life, friend’s life, and you would just like to know a little more about them to satisfy that nagging curiosity that has your sixth sense heightened. Well, we have the answer: a thorough background check. Background checks include education verification, divorce verification, employment verification, financial standing [bankruptcies, liens, judgments] and criminal background checks.
  • Caught a Catfish? +

    [“Catfish“ A person using someone else’s pictures on FaceBook or other social media outlets to create false identities in hopes of luring people into romantic entanglements.] Use our services to identify an on-line “poser.” Here are some red flags that might help you identify if you have hooked a “Catfish:”

    1) Always an excuse why can’t meet – Big Dramas

    i.)    Car accidents;

    ii.)   Sicknesses;

    2) Won’t give physical address;

    3) Won’t give telephone number;

    4) Commits too quickly – “in love” – without ever meeting;

    5) Entrenched too quickly (i.e., “Friends” your family/ friends on FaceBook and begins a relationship with them);

    6) Won’t allow any type video conferencing/ webcam;

    7) Won’t allow impromptu picture via phone;

    8) Doesn’t have any current pictures (time & date stamp/ current newspaper);

    9) Involved in modeling profession (Easy access to all types pictures);

    10) FaceBook Profiles – low number of friends (less than 100 is a good rule of thumb);

    11) Friends aren’t tagged – (can’t tag people in pictures because they really aren’t your friends – no clue who they are or what their names are);

    12) No way to verify employment.

    We have some simple tips that you should use as a precursor before engaging in any type of on-line relationship, but you have to take our Social Media Investigation class at the Institute of Investigative Sciences. See you there!
  • Child Custody +

    While a parent’s first priority should be the child’s safety and emotional stability, it is not uncommon for parents to make false allegations to restrict the other parent’s access to the child. Unfortunately, children become the pawns during a divorce or child custody case. Utilization of a private investigator can:

    1) Identify abuse or neglect of the child while he or she does not have custody of the child;

    2) Investigate and provide documentation of the parent being unfit – e.g., alcoholism, drug use or unhealthy living conditions;

    3) Document critical information during exchanges in visitations to chronicle how the child is treated;

    4) Identify and extract information about any other adult persons that are in the children’s lives to make sure they do not have a criminal background or tendencies that would endanger the child;

    5) Prevent possible parental kidnapping.

  • Debugging +

    A service that you should definitely utilize if you’re going through a divorce. With technology advancing everyday, video and audio bugs can be placed in your home, your vehicle, your business--- and let’s not discount that your spouse may even put a listening device in your child’s backpack or teddy bear. Level the playing field… identify the bug and either A) Remove the threat or B) Give disinformation that will have your significant other running in circles. [Also, go to for bug detectors that you can utilize after we have professionally “cleaned” your house of any bugs!]
  • Divorce Investigations +

    There’s nothing more devastating than this emotional time in one’s life and often times the situation can become very volatile because of the “high stakes” that are involved. You may have that “gut feeling” that tells you that your husband (or wife) is indeed not going to work-out at the gym everyday after work, but, that he’s (she’s) actually going to see his/ her “friend.” Although this may not be the case, it is helpful to have peace of mind in determining if divorce is the next step. That being said, use of surveillance in proving an extramarital affair can be vital to winning your case. Use our skilled investigators to “follow the money trail” and identify hidden income, concealed assets, or new business holdings unknown to you, as well as performing surveillance. Some red flags that might help you make that decision to hire an investigator are:

    1)    Weight loss / physical appearance drastically changes;

    2)    Wardrobe drastically changes;

    3)    Habits and patterns drastically change;

    4)    Big expense purchases: Example – New Car;

    5)    Receipts of restaurants or unknown stores are found;

    6)    Unfamiliar numbers on the cell phone bill;

    7)    Unexpected / last minute "have to" business trips.

    These are just a few indicators that can possibly signal deception in a marriage. It is our belief that there are no coincidences… coincidences lead to suspicions and suspicions usually lead to tangible evidence that substantiates your subconscious fears. If you do decide to take the next step and hire our firm, please click on the link below, under "Refer A Case." This will take you to our “case referral form” where you will scroll down and select “Divorce case information sheet.” We encourage you to fill out as much information as you can before you come in for your appointment. You may also want to stop in and grab one of our “Divorce Survival Kits” to help you make the right decision of what equipment to purchase to assist with your case.
  • Elder Care Investigations +

    We all probably know of a loved one (family member or friend) that is in a nursing home, assisted living center, retirement community, rehabilitation facility or has a caregiver that comes to their home or loved one’s home. Elder abuse is almost unbelievable until you see irrefutable video evidence. Cameras have saved the most nonverbal patients from being stolen from or mistreated. Thankfully these instances are rare but the fact that they happen at all necessitates the protection of the elderly. Often predators in these elder care facilities are drawn to those most vulnerable and understand that they can be taken advantage of easily. We can eliminate the fear for those providing caregiver service by empowering them with knowledge to know they can protect the ones they love. Covert cameras can answer many questions but also investigators can document the facility’s cleanliness, attention to patient’s needs, speed of answering calls, delivery of medication, interaction with the patient and any other specific family requests that have been asked of the caregiver for the patient. We suggest that the investigator also return routinely to ensure proper long term care.
  • Equipment + or refer to the below information box which also has a link to Metro Spy Supply.
  • Fingerprinting +

    Seems like these days, everybody that works needs a background check. So, obviously, you are going to need fingerprint cards, which are sold exclusively at Metro Spy Supply. We work closely with the sheriff’s department who does all the fingerprinting work for the private sector in the Huntsville [AL] City limits. However, watch for updates on this website, because in the future, Metro Spy Supply [906 N. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL 35801] will be offering that same fingerprinting service to our customers. We will be open on Saturdays [8am-6pm] for the convenience of our customers and we will also be offering a mobile fingerprinting service to our customers, where we come right to your location. You will be able to log into our website and reserve a time and date that works best for you!  
  • Handwriting Analysis +

    Were you one of those kids in school that never won penmanship awards and never got their papers hung on the walls like the other kids? Or, were you one of those kids that always got complemented on their handwriting and always made A’s in penmanship? Well, there is rhyme and reason to the differences that we all show in our handwriting.

     When we write, we manifest our feelings and personality into our writing. For instance, if your handwriting was shuffled in with hundreds of other samples of handwriting, could you find it? Sure, you could! Your handwriting is as distinctive as your personality. Keep in mind, that the same theory applies when analyzing someone else’s handwriting… their traits… good and bad, will surface. Understand that graphology provides you with insight into people that they may not even see in themselves.

    Use this excellent diagnostic tool to see if your spouse is still in love with you, having an affair or really going on that “last minute” business trip. You will be amazed at the clarity that this service can bring to various personal situations. Prices are quoted per document page.

  • Identity Theft +

    You applied for a new car loan only to find out that you have been denied…but why you ask? I have excellent credit – no late payments, no charges-offs, so why was I denied? The lender begins going over the accounts reported on your credit report – when you realize there are accounts that are not yours…somebody has stolen your identity. You dispute the credit reports, cancel all your credit cards but still want to know who did this to you!

    Identity theft is terrifying! It’s frightening to think that someone is “out there” pretending to be you, racking up bills in your name, committing crimes or worse. It’s enough to make you lose sleep even before it happens and the reality after the fact can be equally frightening. Just think about how much information you put out on FaceBook and other social media outlets… very easy for a predator to take advantage of this information. And these days prospective employers check credit, too, so there is no time to waste in identifying a potential problem!

    Small business owners think about this… an employee that you’ve hired is actually an illegal alien hiding under another citizen’s name and using their vital information - social security number, etc. Or worse yet, a possible employee has stolen a social security number from a deceased person and you never know it until the authorities come knocking on your door asking questions about your employee.

    Here are some of the tools that the “bad guys” use to uncover your personal information:

    1) Dumpster Diving – don’t put any vital information that has your social security number, date of birth or full name on any paperwork before first thoroughly shredding it;

    2) Viruses and Trojan Horses – If you don’t know the person that’s sending you the email or if the subject line does not have a reference in it, then do not open the email;

    3)Look alike websites – Look alike websites are familiar websites known to the victim that ask the victim to update his or her information, also known as phishing. Here’s an example: A “bad guy” imitates and creates a website that looks exactly like your bank, sending you an official email. You click on the email, you update the information, send it back to them and then the “bad guy” has all of your personal information to do as they wish. That is why it’s very important that you shred even the smallest tidbit of information.


    Here are some “tricks of the trade” to help stop identity theft:

    1. Avoid carrying more than one credit card, but, if you do carry a credit card carry it in a RFID sleeve – an RFID sleeve is a protective item made out of deflective material which prevents would be thieves from obtaining your personal / financial information from the RFID chip in your credit card [sold at];

    2. Never carry your social security card or passport with you unless absolutely needed;

    3. Never print your social security card or date of birth on checks;

    4. Instead of signing the back of your credit card, write See Photo ID;

    5. Never put sensitive pieces of mail in your mailbox, put them directly into an official postal service collection box.

    If your identity is compromised we are here to assist you in finding the person who committed this crime so you can prosecute them to the fullest degree of the letter of the law. Often times, law enforcement is overloaded and cannot get to your case as quickly as you would like. This is where professionals like us can assist law enforcement and help continue the efforts to solve this very personal crime that could destroy your life for years to come!

  • Jury Consulting +

    Regardless of the type of case – criminal or civil – I think we would all agree that picking the right jury can be the difference in winning or losing a case. [Evidence not withstanding] Due diligence in identifying a potential juror’s background [political affiliation, education, criminal history, etc.] is extremely vital intelligence but analyzing the physical and verbal traits that every juror exhibits when delivering those responses to your questions can be even more valuable. For instance, let’s take a look at one particular potential juror and see if we would want him on our jury. Let’s ask the following questions:

    1) Does the juror have his arms crossed when giving his answer?

    2) Are his fists clenched so tightly that you can see the whites of his knuckles?

    3) Is he fidgeting in his movements swinging back and forth constantly?

    4) Does he close his eyes or cover his eyes before answering a question?

    5) Does he look away when answering a question?

    6) Does he overly stress answers to his question? EX: Positively, Absolutely, 100% No!

    If you’re answering yes to all these questions, then you may have a juror that you don’t want listening to your case. He is hostile and uncomfortable about the questions he is being asked. These are just a few scenarios that you might identify when interviewing a perspective juror by using physical mannerisms (body language) that will help you decide to keep a juror or strike them. The art of body language, Kinesics, is one of the many topics taught in our classes at the Institute of Investigative Sciences, and as you can see, the study of this science can prove very beneficial in many different situations. [SEE Institute of Investigative Sciences for further information regarding our PI classes which include Kinesics]
  • Locating +

    Have a renter that has skipped out on you? Have an ex who’s evading you to avoid paying child support? Have an employee that’s stolen money from you and has “gone on the run?” Do you have a loved one that you haven’t seen in many years that you would like to reunite with? Most locates can be completed within two working business days [Helpful to have date of birth, social security number, past addresses --- any information that helps us “dig in” to find the facts as quickly as possible].
  • Medical Malpractice Investigations [Plaintiff and Defense Investigations] +

    Malpractice can be committed in any medical / professional arena, including doctors, dentists, nurses, nursing assistants, physician’s assistants, psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, emergency medical personnel, nursing home facilities, birthing centers or even free clinics. Negligent cases should not be brought unless there are serious compelling damages by the healthcare professionals. Our investigators can provide valuable insight about the healthcare provider such as:
    1. Mental or Physical incapacity [Drug or Alcohol abuse]
    2. Criminal convictions
    3. Financial difficulties and /or stress caused by a Divorce
    4. State Board of Medical Examiners [Prior complaints or Disciplinary actions against the healthcare provider as reported to the state board of each governing entity]
    5. Work record at prior employers to establish stability and/or problems that might have been documented.
      Along with these alleged cases of malpractice, fraud naturally follows. Often plaintiffs will exaggerate their medical disabilities which are then shown to be false through video surveillance captured by our investigators that disproves the claim. Coupled with our thorough investigative team that researches and addresses all fraud indicators, the plaintiff’s allegations are then debunked with our company consistently making every effort to secure evidence to refute the alleged claim. Keep in mind, our company is willing to work directly with the healthcare professional or facility being sued as often time is of the essence to stop the momentum of the alleged claim. We can later advise / and or work with insurance companies upon the healthcare professional’s request.
  • Paranormal Investigations & Training +

    Paranormal Investigations - information and link to Facebook Page listed below
  • Prenuptial Investigations +

    Prenuptial Investigations fall into two basic categories:

    1) Those commenced by a fiancé or the fiancé’s family prior to the marriage [Please also see our Background Checks] or those commenced because of a possible extra marital affair during the marriage;

    2) Often times, the verbiage in a prenuptial agreement is heavily weighted to protect one parties wealth and assets; however, because of this weighted leverage, a new trend has arisen to protect the other party… and that is dialog within the agreement that gives atonement for an adulterous affair. You can imagine, if you are dealing with millions of dollars in assets and income, this type of documentation of an adulterous activity could become vital in protecting and maintaining a certain lifestyle.

  • Running License Tags +

    Everyone needs a “go to source” when it comes to this service; whether it’s because of a hit and run situation or a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood or someone new that has been dating your daughter… all of these situations require instantaneous knowledge and we have that ability at our fingertips to give you that information immediately. (Just so you know, tags can be “run” all over the country – prices will vary, per state);
  • Sex Offender Check +

    A parent’s number one priority is to protect their child, so it’s comforting to know that information about a sex offender living in your neighborhood is right at your fingertips. Click on this website to get specific information about registered sex offenders in your area: [And, yes, this website is a national website.]
  • Social Networking Searches +

    You’ve tried doing a little detective work yourself on your daughter’s new boyfriend, but you couldn’t find a thing. You’re thinking… could he possibly have an alias or is that his name at all… that’s where we come in! Not only are parents checking out the social media sites for reasons just described, but, remember, colleges are now looking at what is being posted on “FaceBook” and tweeted on “Twitter” by your daughters and sons! (Believe me, college selection teams are looking at all of these sites as the criteria for entry into colleges is becoming more and more competitive each and every day!)
    Or, think about the person who you met online really who they are or did you “Catch a Catfish.” [A person who misrepresents themselves on-line to create false identities] SEE- Caught a Catfish. Social Networking Searches are extensive and cover all bases from the newest social networking searches to the common favorites – FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.
  • Stalking +

    Ever have someone you dated, broke up with, but now they won’t leave you alone? How about continuous annoying phone calls that are coming from an unknown number? These type of problems can escalate out of control very quickly. So having a firm at your fingertips to provide around the clock surveillance or provide information about security products specific to this type of problem can prove invaluable. You cannot put a price tag on having peace of mind!
  • Teen Troubles / Student Solutions +

    Have a teen that is going through that defiant stage, the “you can’t see what I do all the time stage?” Or perhaps you have a daughter that is in college and you want to make sure that nothing is put in her drink if she happens to go to a party. How about a son (or daughter) that may be texting and driving. Well, we have the answers to some very common problems:

    Bullying Problems – Have a son or a daughter that is being picked on by a bully at school but you need tangible proof. Stop worrying! We have the solution! We have covert cameras that can be placed in backpacks, water bottles, glasses, notebooks… we can be as creative as we need be to help you solve your child’s problem!

    Cyberbullying – Bullying is no longer limited to the “school yard.” Social media has become the biggest source and easiest avenue for bullies to reach their target…plus it allows them to remain somewhat anonymous. If you have a teen that is the target of a cyberbully, we can help you find out who it is! All we’ll need is an email address or IP address;

    Date Rape Drug Detector – Use this portable test to identify if any persons have intent on taking advantage of your daughter or loved one. Simple to use and very accurate! [NOTE: Watch for our signature nail polish - coming soon – that will allow you to stick your finger in the drink and if the nail polish turns a different color, then you know your drink has been tampered with. [Sold at Metro Spy Supply - METROSPYSUPPLY.COM];

    Drug Testing – We have a myriad of portable drug testing kits… know exactly what your teen may be involved with when they’re not at home [Sold at Metro Spy Supply - METROSPYSUPPLY.COM];

    Secret Social Media Accounts – These days, all teens are social media savvy and many of them have multiple profiles – one for mom and dad to see and another for friends only! If you have searched for hidden profiles but have had no luck finding any, try our Recover It software or give us your teens basic information – email address, known profile, full name and nicknames and we’ll go to work!

    Sexting – Ok…your daughter has been receiving inappropriate pictures from someone and you want to know who is sending them. You’ve tried a reverse phone search, but have been unsuccessful identifying to whom the telephone number is registered. So, you’re thinking you need to take that next step and hire a professional! Well, all we need to get started is the telephone number the texts were sent from and we’ll do the rest!

    GPS Trackers – Know where your teen is at all times with our weatherproof, hockey puck sized tracking device! Real time monitoring as well as "historical" options. [Sold at Metro Spy Supply – METROSPYSUPPLY.COM];

    Training – if you have a teen who is 18 years old or older, but does not want to go to college or trade school but is “street smart” and has an interest in the “spy world,” well, we have the answer. Our school, the Institute of Investigative Sciences, allows your teen to train with the best of the best and receive hands on training / education from veteran investigators (many with law enforcement, military and vast P. I. experience) that will show them the ropes - in and out of the classroom. [See  – Institute of Investigative Sciences]

  • Theft +

    Do you own a small business and are having “shrinkage” [loss of inventory] problems caused either by employees or customers? Let’s get down to brass tacks and eliminate this problem. We can stop this problem with one of our many covert cameras [motion activated cameras in clocks, plants, floodlights, etc.] or with one of our experienced investigators posing as an employee or customer. The “spy is the limit” in ways we can solve these problems!
  • Training +

    Institute of Investigative Sciences - information and link to website listed below
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