Institute of Investigative Sciences

The Institute of Investigative Sciences [parent company – Metro Investigations – WWW.METRO-INVESTIGATIONS.COM] is a comprehensive private investigative school that has beginning, intermediate and advanced classes, as well as a “Boots on the Ground” program [real live situational field training] that will forever change your life and add to your resume. Beginning classes are 14 topics that cover the following subject matters – [ 1) Starting your own PI business; 2) Background Checks/ Social Media Investigations; 3) Surveillance Techniques; 4) Electronic Equipment; 5) Countermeasures; 6) Theft detection; 7) Kinesics (Study of body language); 8) Handwriting Analysis; 9) Disguise Techniques; 10) Fraud Investigations; 11) Electronic Forensics (as it pertains to domestic cases); 12) Testifying in court/ Working with attorneys; 13) Fingerprinting, 14) Domestic Investigations]. Classes can be customized around any work schedule or personal schedule.