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Metro Paranormal Investigations deals specifically with all things paranormal. If you have had experiences of walking into a room only to find your keys have been moved (but you are the only one home) or the t.v. mysteriously turns on and off…then you need our investigative team to find out why! Maybe you are interested in Ghost Hunting but don’t know where to start or what equipment you need…then check out our Paranormal Investigation class. We will show you first hand how to conduct an investigation and explain the different types of equipment and what each one does. We also carry a full line of ghost hunting / paranormal investigative equipment…we are your one-stop ghost hunting / paranormal investigation shop. Check out our Facebook page ( or our equipment at Metro Spy Supply (

Metro Spy Supply

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Your imagination is the only limit on the type of gadgets that we sell. Our parent company is Metro Investigations, so we have first-hand knowledge when it comes to handling any type of investigations. We are different from most investigative firms, in that we make our clients become very involved prior to any investigation by teaching them how to utilize our devices to gather information to set Metro’s Investigators up for success in the field – whether it be a divorce case, theft case or fraud case. Please feel free to browse our website – WWW.METROSPYSUPPLY.COM, to access various pieces of equipment for your investigative needs. We suggest you can then come in and formulate a game plan with one of our seasoned investigators to make sure the equipment you have chosen accurately reflects the environment where you will be placing the camera / recorders.

Metro Spy Supply is a subsidiary of Metro Private Investigations, Inc. (MPI) – a full service investigative company handling all types private sector and corporate investigations; established in Huntsville, Alabama in 1971.

Remember, the Spy is the Limit!

Institute of Investigative Sciences

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The Institute of Investigative Sciences [parent company – Metro Investigations – WWW.METRO-INVESTIGATIONS.COM] is a comprehensive private investigative school that has beginning, intermediate and advanced classes, as well as a “Boots on the Ground” program [real live situational field training] that will forever change your life and add to your resume. Beginning classes are 15 topics that cover the following subject matters – [ 1) Starting your own PI business; 2) Background Checks/ Social Media Investigations; 3) Surveillance Techniques; 4) Electronic Equipment; 5) Countermeasures; 6) Theft detection; 7) Kinesics (Study of body language); 8) Handwriting Analysis; 9) Disguise Techniques; 10) Fraud Investigations; 11) Electronic Forensics (as it pertains to domestic cases); 12) Testifying in court/ Working with attorneys; 13) Fingerprinting; 14) Domestic Investigations; 15) Ethics in Investigations.] Classes can be customized around any work schedule or personal schedule. We are an AL State Certified training program licensed to teach CEU classes for AL private investigators. All hours and classes apply to the 16 hour CEU requirement necessary to maintain your AL Private Investigator license.