Medical Malpractice Investigations [Plaintiff and Defense Investigations]

Malpractice can be committed in any medical / professional arena, including doctors, dentists, nurses, nursing assistants, physician’s assistants, psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, emergency medical personnel, nursing home facilities, birthing centers or even free clinics. Negligent cases should not be brought unless there are serious compelling damages by the healthcare professionals. Our investigators can provide valuable insight about the healthcare provider such as:
  1. Mental or Physical incapacity [Drug or Alcohol abuse]
  2. Criminal convictions
  3. Financial difficulties and /or stress caused by a Divorce
  4. State Board of Medical Examiners [Prior complaints or Disciplinary actions against the healthcare provider as reported to the state board of each governing entity]
  5. Work record at prior employers to establish stability and/or problems that might have been documented.
  Along with these alleged cases of malpractice, fraud naturally follows. Often plaintiffs will exaggerate their medical disabilities which are then shown to be false through video surveillance captured by our investigators that disproves the claim. Coupled with our thorough investigative team that researches and addresses all fraud indicators, the plaintiff’s allegations are then debunked with our company consistently making every effort to secure evidence to refute the alleged claim. Keep in mind, our company is willing to work directly with the healthcare professional or facility being sued as often time is of the essence to stop the momentum of the alleged claim. We can later advise / and or work with insurance companies upon the healthcare professional’s request.

Paranormal Investigations & Training

Paranormal Investigations – information and link to Facebook Page listed below

Handwriting Analysis

Were you one of those kids in school that never won penmanship awards and never got their papers hung on the walls like the other kids? Or, were you one of those kids that always got complemented on their handwriting and always made A’s in penmanship? Well, there is rhyme and reason to the differences that we all show in our handwriting.

 When we write, we manifest our feelings and personality into our writing. For instance, if your handwriting was shuffled in with hundreds of other samples of handwriting, could you find it? Sure, you could! Your handwriting is as distinctive as your personality. Keep in mind, that the same theory applies when analyzing someone else’s handwriting… their traits… good and bad, will surface. Understand that graphology provides you with insight into people that they may not even see in themselves.

Use this excellent diagnostic tool to see if your spouse is still in love with you, having an affair or really going on that “last minute” business trip. You will be amazed at the clarity that this service can bring to various personal situations. Prices are quoted per document page.

Sex Offender Check

A parent’s number one priority is to protect their child, so it’s comforting to know that information about a sex offender living in your neighborhood is right at your fingertips. Click on this website to get specific information about registered sex offenders in your area: [And, yes, this website is a national website.]

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